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Ordinations at the Cathedral of St. Patrick

New York City – 17 May 2003

After the newly ordained were anointed with chrism, the Cardinal presented them each with the chalice and paten. Here they're waiting in line (pictures 1-4). At the preparation of gifts, the altar was incensed. Rather impressive thurible on its own, and more so illuminated by all those spotlights! (pictures 5-7). More Steubenville alumni (pictures 8, 9).

1. (l-r) Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, Fr. Joseph Mary Deane 2. (l-r by altar) Fr. Juniper Mary Sistare, Fr. Sylvester Mary Mann, Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, Fr. Joseph Mary Deane 3. (l-r) Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher
4. Fr. Joseph Mary Deane 5. Edward Cardinal Egan puts in the incense 6. the Cardinal, with thurifer taking over
7. the Cardinal, again 8. (after the ordination, l-r) Fr. Ken Hummel, Fr. Conrad Osterhaut, CFR, Fr. Richard Roemer, CFR (all at Franciscan U. at some point!) 9. I thought there were too many Franciscans in that last photo. Now, that's better. ;)

After Mass, the priests gave their first blessings at various locations in the church. (I apologize for the quality of some of these... the varying lighting made the pictures easy to blur. If you'd like to help in this regard, say with a donation for a better camera, let me know).

Fr. Joseph Mary Deane, CFR

Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, CFR

Some of Fr. Luke's household brothers... (sorry for the blur!)

Fr. Sylvester Mary Mann, CFR

Fr. Juniper Mary Sistare, CFR

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